"We admire Oswald Wiener, but we agree with Joseph Weizenbaum."

cell phone voyages
an ongoing research project by Gregor Kuschmirz (Germany)


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history minus location
A significant minority of places becomes economically exchangable - both at the top and at the bottom of a global scale. Cultural diversity appears as a phenomenon of the evanescent middle-class.
Within politics cultural peaks attract far-reaching decisions to be taken at, but the major corporations seem to exist outside a cultural sphere.
The federal united study 'history minus location' focuses on the relevance of 'real' places in opposite to hyperreality.

the www and the unforseen
The public space is a societies most direct readable status report.
People can hardly avoid to use it. This forces the society to make or keep the public space accessable for as many citizens as possible.
Both internet and public space contain restrictions, survaillance and possibilities for self-expressions, however the public space is far more open for things to happen by accident.
The federal united study 'the www and the unforseen' points out stategies to embad unforseen, social events in online-applications.

pull effect of a global mirror
Identity relevant data migrates into portable and local containers, such as credit cards, cell phones and servers. Both corporate enterprises as individuals maintain digital entities to a greater or lesser extend. No doubt, the importance of participation in the digital world is growing and the system remains hungry.
The federal united study 'pull effect of a global mirror' enquires about the psychological effects of the branding of the competitive individual on a global scale.

boundaries of mobility
Who wants mobile cemetries?

The basis of contemporary nomadism is access to the global communication system. The exponential growth of data transfer involves a startingly growing demand for energy to keep the system running. Each environmental problem has an ethical dimension.
The federal united study 'boundaries of mobility' is a research project, which focuses on the ethical features of upcoming world societies and takes a look at the future substitution for a place formerly known as 'home'.